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This publication, the first of its kind, draws together a vast amount of research from the 1980s in the form of 1,768 cross-referenced abstracts, derived from a systematic search of around 40 periodicals and supplemented by the Centre for Urban Ecology's pwn knowledge of publications in this area. Studies summarised range from complex, multi-disciplinary works aimed at integrating urban ecological knowledge in urban areas, through to the observations of amateur naturalists.

Major topics include:

  • climate and pollution
  • wildlife and nature
  • planning and the urban environment
  • urban forestry
  • landscape design
  • environmental policy in urban areas
  • studies of the urban ecosystem

The book contains the following features:

  • graphic symbols and comprehensive keyword indexing
  • indexes to towns and cities, plants and animals, titles, and subject areas
  • introductory overview of urban environmental topics
  • glossary of scientific and technical terms
  • information from over 900 towns and cities
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Centre for Urban Ecology
The Birmingham Settlement
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Fax: 44-21-359-6357
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