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Definitions and other descriptions of NGOs and related organizations

What exactly is an NGO? How can we define one? How do NGOs look at themselves? How do others look at NGOs? "NGO Pigeon Holes" contains definitions and descriptions of NGOs and related organizations.

NGO Pigeon-holes

Quite simply, an NGO is (a) formally or informally organized around shared purposes; (b) nongovernmental, and so not part of the state apparatus; (c) self-governing, rather than externally controlled; and (d) voluntary both in the sense of being non-compulsory, and involvement in their governance or operations.

    Some types of NGOs:
  • Relief and welfare agencies
  • Technical innovation organizations
  • Public service contractors
  • Popular development agencies
  • Grassroots development organizations
  • Advocacy groups and networks
    Source: World Bank's John Clark

Comments and suggestions:
Hari Srinivas -
NGOs essentially "fill the gap" in public services that are not provided by local authorities. They do this by extending public services to the smallest level of the community, especially low-income households, and by monitoring and articulating public oipinion.

SDG #17: Partnerships for the Goals
NGOs are considered the "third leg" along with governments and the private sector, that form a triad of stakeholder groups to work together towards sustainable development.

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