Environmental Education
Creating an environment to educate about the environment
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EE Objectives

  • Participation - to provide individuals, groups and societies with opportunities to be actively involved in exercising their skills of environmental citizenship and be actively involved at all levels in working towards sustainable development.

  • Knowledge - to help individuals, groups and societies gain a variety of experiences in, and a basic understanding of, the knowledge and action competencies required for sustainable development

  • Values - to help individuals, groups and societies acquire feelings of concern for issues of sustainability as well as a set of values upon which they can make judgements about appropriate ways of acting individually and with others to promote sustainable development

  • Skills - to help individuals, groups and societies acquire the action competence or skills of environmental citizenship - in order to be able to identify and anticipate environmental problems and work with others to resolve, minimise and prevent them

  • Awareness - to create an overall understanding of the impacts and effects of behaviours and lifestyles - on both the local and global environments, and on the short-term and long-term.

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