Environmental Education
Creating an environment to educate about the environment
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An EE Overview

  • What kinds of organizations are doing EE?

    A whole range of organizations in the public, private and ‘popularEsectors are involved, using different messages to target different audiences.

    Examples include - local and national governments, private sector, academia, NGOs, professional bodies, research, organizations, donor agencies, UN and international organizations, community and citizens groups, media etc.

  • Who are the target audience?

    The target is usually the man-on-the-street, the ordinary citizen, but has also included policy and decision makers, business and industry etc. depending on the scale of EE ...

  • What is the scale of operation?

    The scale of EE changes from a single individual, a household, and a community Eall the way to the nation, region, and globe depending on the message being sent out ...

  • What is the message being disseminated?

    EE has dealt with many problems and issues, focussing on the need for change, for sustainability, for awareness etc. using different modes of delivery ...

  • How is the message being delivered?

    A whole variety of modes and media have been used (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many), both online and offline to achieve different aims and effects...

    The Internet has particularly offered a big boost with the flexibility and versatality that it offered.

  • What is the intended effect?

    The message has aimed to achieve a number of effects - less resource use, less waste, more energy saving, etc. and delivered by partnering with different intermediaries ...

  • What intermediaries and partners are being used?

    Each actor in the field of EE has partnered with others, depending on the issue - for funding, for information, for expertise, etc. Each partner has brought to the EE programme or project - essential skills, knowledge and resources not available with other partners.

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