Bina Swadaya


Supported by over 700 employees, Bina Swadaya is one of the biggest NGOs in Indonesia. "Bina Swadaya" (acronym of Badan Pengembangan Swadaya Masyarakat = Community Self-Reliance Development Agency) is a people-centered development agency managing a number of services oriented towards the development of self-reliant communities.

Its activities on self-reliant communities development date back to 1958, when the Pancasila Farmers Association (Ikaten Petani Pancasila, IPP) was founded. In 1987, this grass-root oriented association established a Peasant Socio-economic Development Foundation (Yayasan Sosial Tani Membangun, YSTM) to manage IPP's projects including the publication of Trubus Agricultural Magazine. YSTM activities cover the development of Self- Help Groupa (Kelompok Usaha Bersama, KUB), the promotion of micro enterprises, capital formation, and the training for facilitators of self-help groups.

Since 1084, due to government regulation on press publications, YSTM continued publishing Trubus Magazine, whereas all other activities were transferred to the newly founded Bina Swadaya Foundation.

Bina Swadaya is based on Pancasila (The Five Founding Principles of the Republic of Indonesia: Belief in the One Supreme God, Just and Civilised Humanity, The Unity of Indonesia, Democracy led by the Wisdom of Deliberations among Representatives, Social Justice for the Whole of the People of Indonesia).
To increase society's self-reliance, particularly the lower grass-root strata, based on the principles of openness, solidarity and social justice as part of respect towards human values and dignity.
  1. To help society in developing human resources, institutions, and people's economy.
  2. To strive for development policies which are conducive to the development of people's economy.
  3. To bridge the gap in the socio-economic Weld of society in order to achieve a more just structural balance of society.

  1. To enhance self-reliant groups in society.
  2. To share information for development.
  3. To develop constructive cooperation with government, NGOs and business world in and outside the country.

The complexity of problems arising in the community needs a comprehensive answer. Therefore, the working program of Bina Swadaya is specified into operational programs and supporting programs.
Operational Programs:
  1. Education and Training
  2. Promotion of Women in Development
  3. Microfinance Development
  4. Micro Enterprise Development
  5. Social Forestry Development
  6. Sustainable Agriculture Development
  7. Integrated Irrigation Development
  8. Health and Environment Development
  9. Agribusiness Development
  10. Magazine Publication
  11. Book Publication
  12. Printing House
  13. Alternative Tourism
  14. Policy Dialogue
  15. Poverty Alleviation

Supporting Programs:
  1. Management Development
  2. Human Resources Development
  3. Financial Development
  4. Partnership in Development

Financial Sources:
  1. Self-Finance: 97 %
  2. Funding Aids: 3 %
  3. Total budget for 1996: US$20 million

Contact Address:
Bina Swadaya
Jalan Gunung Sahari III/7
Jakarta Pusat 10610

Tel: 021-420-4402 / 021-425-5354
Fax: 021-420-8412

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