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Bylaws are the set of rules under which the organization will operate. They typically include such items as (a) number of members, term length, nomination process, committees, and meetings; (b) fiscal year/accounting cycles, committees, and officers' responsibilities; (c) methodologies, tools, and strategies, monitoring and evaluation etc.; and (d) how to amend the bylaws themselves.

Note that Bye-laws can also be called the NGO's "constitution" , "article of association" or "statues", depending ont he law of a particular country.

Typical bye-laws of an NGO will contain the following information:

  • Preamble
  • Organization name and acronym
  • Organizational logo
  • Basic aim and purpose of organization
  • Mission statement
  • Functions
  • Membership (types, conditions/qualifications of members, status, length of service, procedure to become members, rights and obligations, termination)
  • Advisory board (role and functions, qualitifications of board members, authority, elections, members)
  • Organizational structure
  • Asset mamagement (Finance and property, membership fees)
  • Legal status
  • Contact address
  • Dissolution of NGO
  • Ammendments, modifications, revisions of bye-laws

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