Starting an NGO:
Networking and Project Management

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Starting an NGO

  • Networking and Partnership: Networking - getting in touch with institutions, organizations, and individuals - anyone and everyone - who can be of help to the policies and programmes is a very critical aspect of an NGO's functioning.
  • Private sector: Do not hesitate to partner with the private sector - a company, a business, a supermarket chain etc. This partnership should not be for funding purposes alone. Private sector actors can bring many other resources too.

    Remember that - (a) NGOs stand to gain by being efficient and productive, engaging the commercial environment in their outreach and influencing companies to be socially responsible, and (b) Companies stand to gain by being seen as socially responsible, actively participating in social development and nation building, enlightened self-interest - poverty eradication benefits the corporate sector in the long run, and also raising employee morale.

  • BEsides, you can always learn a thing or two in project/office management from the private sector!

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