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The Trialogue
on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Desertification

NGO Definitions and Types
Climate Change

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

UN Convention on Biological Diversity

UN Convention to Combat Desertification

Following the Rio Summit's definition of 'Major Groups', the three conventions' definition of NGOs is kept very broad, and essentially covers any organization that subscribes to the conventions' objectives. These major groups include indigenous people; groups representing women, youth, workers, farmers; local governments, the scientific community, business and industry, grassroots and religious organizations, trade unions, businesses, and other NGOs (international, national and local). All three Conventions call for active partnerships with NGOs to further implementation of the articles of the convention.

NGOs that have policies and activities in fields related to the convention themes, are invited to seek accreditation from the Secretariats and become 'observer organizations' to the various meeting and activities of the Conventions.