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The Trialogue
on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Desertification

Common Requirements
Climate Change

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

UN Convention on Biological Diversity

UN Convention to Combat Desertification
Requirements Climate Change Biodiversity Desertification
National inventories Article 4(b)
National and regional action plans Article 4(b) Strategies, Article 6(a),(b) Article 9,10
Identification and monitoring Article 8 Article 16
Develop protected areas Article 8
Legislation Preamble Article 8(k) Article 5(e)
Research Article 5 Article 12(b) Article 17,19(b)
Public education Article 6 Article 13 Article 5(d),19,6
Environmental Impact Assessment Article 4 (i)(d) Article
Clearinghouse for technical information CC:INFO Article 18 Article 18
Public participation Article 6 (i)(a)(iii) Article 9 Article 19(4)
Conference of Parties (COP) and reviews Article 7
Exchange information Article 7 Article 17 Article 16
Training Article 6 Article 12(a) Article 19
Reports Article 12 Article 26
Data collection Article 16
Examine obligations and assess implementation Article 7 (e) Article 23
Report steps to COP Article 12 Article 26 Article 26