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The Trialogue
on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Desertification

NGO Activities
The best way to be kept informed of NGO activities related to the three conventions is to visit the various newsletters, networks and forums that NGOs use to communicate and disseminate information. These sites not only give a collective idea of what is happening, but also provide links to individual NGO Homepages. Note that overlap in NGO activities may occur between the three Conventions ...

Climate Change

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

UN Convention on Biological Diversity

UN Convention to Combat Desertification

  • Alternative NGO Agreement
  • eco-The CAN Newsletter
  • Earth Negotiations Bulletin
  • FOE: Climate for Change?

  • BCIS Briefs
  • Earth Negotiations Bulletin

  • Circular on Desertification
  • eco INCD Newsletters
  • Earth Negotiations Bulletin
  • Against Desertification: NGO Forum at COP1
  • INFO-DESERT Bulletin
  • Arid Lands Newsletter
  • General Links:
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