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A repository of Information on Urban Japan

The Japan Urban Observatory is part of the Global Urban Observatories network initiated by UNCHS (Habitat). More information can be had from the UNCHS Website

Aims and Objectives:

The Japan Urban Observatory (JUO) aims at bringing together disparate urban resources in Japan on a three pronged approach:
  • Research and development
  • Education and Training
  • Policy and programme development
It will have three key functions - (1) develop an information repository (in terms of gathering, collating, packaging and disseminating information); (2) collate research and training resources (in terms of organizing training sessions, and seminars and conferences) and (3) facilitate educational activities (knowledge developed from the activities of the center will be fed back into capacity building exercises.

Activities and Collaborations:

The JUO will initiate activities aimed at highlighting issues at the cutting edge of the urban arena. These will include identification of the key challenges faced by urban areas in Japan. It will develop a series of tools and strategies that can be used in analysing the local situation and developing innovative solutions at the local level. Decision-making processes, and the resources necessary to facilitate the process, will also be covered.

To carry out the above, the JUO will identify a series of themes within which the activities will revolve. Some of the initial themes, focused on the urban environment, include:

  • Capacity Building
  • Energy Resources
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Urban Governance
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Local Agenda 21
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Urban Waste Management
  • Water Resources

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