Contributing to
GDRC's Programmes

GDRC welcomes contributions to its various programmes.

Criteria for submitting content

There are no restrictive criteria for submission of documents, as long as it fits in, or is related to, the overall theme of a specific programme. Case studies and country profiles are particularly welcome.

The 15 research programmes (see drop-down menu above) and the A-Z sitemap give an idea of the programmes and issues that GDRC is currently working on.

Copyright Policy

Creative Commons License All documents on the GDRC website are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Please see GDC's Copyright Policy
Copyright is usualy a sticky point for contributions, and where intellectual properties need to be protected, custom messages can be included into contributed articles, including email addresses, to contact the author for permission to reproduce.

Contributors are also encouraged to submit abstracts, reviews, previews or excerpts in cases where copyrights may be infringed. Notes on on-going field work are also welcome.

GDRC's Audience

The user audience of GDRC's programmes is broad, from students and professors, through professionals and technical experts, to NGO staff and government officials. The submitted text has to therefore appeal to this breadth of audiences!

General formatting issues

When submitting documents, the following guidelines will help:
Keep the text as brief as possible, and relevant to a broad range of readership in developing and developed countries.
In a majority of cases, submitted documents are published online as-is, without any changes. But we would like to reserve the right to make editorial changes to submissions, and we cannot guarantee that we will include every item submitted.
Let us know how long the information will remain current. (E.g.: For a conference, what is the last day for registration? For a book, when will it be launched?). If you would like the document to be removed after a specific time period, please let us know of this too.
Include a URL or email address that readers can go to for more information. Make sure the URL/email address is correct and is expected to remain available for at least a few years.
Specify a source for the information where applicable, including references and interesting websites where applicable.
Avoid abbreviations and terms that may not be clear to others. Spell out names of organizations.
Provide a contact name and e-mail address in case we have questions.

Privacy Policy

Please see GDRC's Privacy Policy for further details

Contact GDRC

For any questions you may have, and to contribute, please contact GDRC's coordinator: