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Urban Heritage and Conservation
So what do we gain from preserving and managing heritage assets?
What are the externalities of heritage conservation?
Conserving urban heritage - historical buildings, festivals, art forms, dance, music, sculpture etc. - may seem less of a priority compared to more pressing issues such as infrastrcture development, poverty alleviation or job creation. But effective conservation of heritage resources not only help in revitalizing the local economy of cities, but also brings about a sense of identity and belonging to its residents. This programme explores the various dimensions of heritage conservation from an urban perspective ...

Did you know?
Heritage conservation
is more than just
old stones ...
International Institutions and Organizations Programmes, Initiatives and Networks Conventions, Conclusions and Citations

  • Prioritizing Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Mediation for Urban Conservation: The Case of Imai-cho, Japan
  • What is GDRC doing now?
      Currently, GDRC is focussing on the role that heritage conservation and management plays in overall urban development, with specific reference to urban tourism and economic development.
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  • The Sustainable Tourism Gateway
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