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About the Programme

In a very broad sense of the term, information design is the bridge that links information technologies and knowledge creation. It helps enhance interaction with all our senses in order to create knowledge. It uses effective design principles in order to understand the essence and meaning of the professed information.

The GDRC Programme on Information Design and Management covers the practice of collating, packaging and displaying information in such a way as to communicate and meet the needs of the user, and for the intended purposes.


environmental decision making, subsidiarity, conflict resolution, mediation, risk assessment, participation, problem solving

Currently, GDRC is focussing on issues related to enabling processes that will facilitate multilateral environmental agreements to be taken into account in local environmental decision-making.

Together with the GDRC research programmes on Knowledge Management and ICTs for Development, this programme is developed through the GDRC Learning Lab.

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More information on the WWW Virtual Libraries This GDRC programme is a designated 'WWW Virtual Library' on Information Design

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